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Alpha wrote:To jtankers:
– About WL Wagner: No, he is not a FORMER physicist. He has graduated principally in Biology in Berckley. He current works principally in botany and molecular phylogeny (this means: building the tree of life with molecular biology tools) in hawaiian flora. He also have a FEW works in human health, and the nearest he is from physics are two works on physic of the fluids ( … 3/art00019 ) and this is NOT particle physics. If you don’t belive me, enter in Google Schoolar and tip “WL Wagner”. Very interestig works in botany, but it seems clear that he hasn’t anything relevant to say about colliders

You conveniently failed to note that Walter L Wagner has a minor in physics along with his major in Biology and did graduate particle physics research work at UC Berkeley where he was initially given credit for discovering what was at the time believed to be a magnetic mono pole particle. Your facts are not objective and accurate. Please see wikipedia article:, and note who was initially given credit for discovering what was believed at the time to be the novel particle “magnetic monopole”. See also Time magazine, August 25, 1975, “Bring it Back Alive”,9171,913445,00.html.

Note also that this work was with Cosmic Rays of all things.

Alpha wrote:- About Dr.(really?) Raj Baldev: This is a funny one. He has NO PAPERS, no references, no publications (I insist: look at Google Schoolar)… He seems like Luis Sancho: a pseudo-scientist looking for his 5-minutes of glory

That is strange, I had no difficulty finding voluminous works by by Dr. Raj Baldev, including the book “Two Big Bangs Created the Universe”.

Dr. Raj Baldev,
Publications: “Dr. Baldev Raj has more than 650 publications in leading national and international journals, referred books, manuscripts of status articles; delivered more than 200 honour, plenary, key note and invited lectures. He has 5 Indian Standards to his credit and 18 patents in the area of NDT. He has contributed 9 articles in Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology, many international reviews and articles in encyclopedia. ”
Awards: “National Metallurgist Award (Research-Academy) from Union Ministry of Steel and Indian Institute of Metals (2007), Padma Shri, Govt. of India (2007), Indian Science Monitor Award, Indian Science Monitor Foundation (2007), National NDE Award for International Recognition, ISNDT (2006), 1st Prof. A.K. Rao Memorial Lecture, ISAMPE (2006), NOCL Award from Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (2005) and…”

Dr. Raj Baldev, wikipedia, “Baldev Raj is an Indian atomic energy researcher and the Director of the Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research.”

Dr. Raj Baldev, April 10, 2008, International Reporter:,-it-may-shrink-the-Earth-.html “But the scientists are fully aware that it is not a project without a grave risk to the life of the Earth.”

Dr. Raj Baldev, Sep 15, 2007, International Reporter: Sun may engulf Earth after becoming Red Giant- Dr. Raj Baldev, Indian Cosmo Theorist “You have also written a wonderful book “Two Big Bangs Created the Universe” (Formed in Eternal Space) explaining how the Universe was born and developed…”

Dr. Raj Baldev, Jul 5, 2007, International Reporter: ‘What’s Before Big Bang’ indirect thread of Dr. Raj Baldev’s theory? – 1 “Stephen Hawking had given a theory on Black Hole that nothing could escape from it, once it goes inside and nothing could come out of it.
Whereas Dr. Raj Baldev had given in his theory of Two Big Bangs that Black Hole had two functions, one was to suck the material and the other to eject it in space with great force in order to create proper matter for forming stars and galaxies.”

Dr. Raj Baldev, July 27, 2004, Physics Forums: Is Hawking’s new idea on Black Hole original or adopted? “I believe Dr. Baldev was correct, and Hawking should be ashamed of himself.”, “It is not Hawkings fault that his work deriving Blackhole Radiative has yeilded a reversal of interpretation”

Dr. Raj Baldev, July 26, 2004, Chris Rush Cohen: Stephen Hawking stole my ideas about black holes! “Stephen Hawking’s recently publicized ideas about black holes are not original to him, but to a Dr. Raj Baldev. Hawking recently announced to the physics world that he has concluded that matter and information sucked into a black hole is eventually spewed out in a mangled form”

Alpha wrote:- Dr. Otto E. Rössler: This is a special case, because he appears to be a a more prestigious scientist. But he is not a specialist in particle physics: He is primary a Biochemist that has many publications in the field of inmunity, and later in human behaviour. The nearest he is from physics are his works on chaos in the kinetics of enzimatic reactions (a work between the biochemistry and the maths) (one example: … s&gifs=yes ) In general he works now in metemathical biology. He works also in algorithms for Global Positioning Systems ( … ssler.html ). He is eminent, but one more time, HE IS NOT A PHYSICIST.
It’s good to hear the voices of other sciences about any scientific problem, but only as informative, presumptive OPINIONS. As an example, my boss works in cancer and developmental biology, but he loves to speak about ageing, altought he doesn’t work on it! I love my boss, but his opinions about ageing are only that: opinions. Where are the concerns of REAL PARTICLE PHYSCISTS? Nowhere! There’s still NO SCIENTIFIC PAPERS talking about a real risk

Professor Dr. Otto E. Rössler: Is “a prestigious scientist” as you concede with apparent difficulty, and one of a growing list of esteemed top scientists who are warning clearly that there is a real and present risk of danger to the planet from operation of the Large Hadron Collider.

Otto E. Rössler (b. in Berlin, Germany, May 20, 1940) became an amateur radio operator (DL 9KF) at the age of 17. He finished his medical studies with an immunological dissertation in Tubingen in 1966. Dr. Rössler then began as a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Bavaria. In 1969, he won a visiting appointment at the Center for Theoretical Biology at SUNY-Buffalo. In 1970-73, he got a habilitation from the DFG. In 1976, he became a tenured University Docent. In 1979, he became Professor for Theoretical Biochemistry at the University of Tübingen. In 1994, he became Professor of Chemistry by decree.

In 1975, Art Winfree initiated him into chaos. One year later he published his paper on the “simplest” chaotic attractor (as Ed Lorenz later put it). Three years after, hyperchaos followed, which was equally simple. He is a member of the Santa Fe Institute and a fellow of the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics. In 2003, he received the Chaos Award of the University of Liège and in 2003 the René Descartes Award. In 1999 he obtained a honorary doctorate from the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics.

Throughout his career Dr. Rössler has authored around 500 scientific papers in fields as wide-ranging as Biogenesis, deductive biology, origin of language, differentiable automata, bacterial brain, brain equations, chaotic attractors, dripping faucet, heart chaos (with Reimara Rössler), hyperchaos, nowhere-differentiable attractors (with Jack Hudson and Ichiro Tsuda), flare attractors, endophysics, micro relativity, Platonic computers, micro constructivism, recursive evolution, limitology, interface theory, artificial universes, the hypertext encyclopedia, Lampsacus hometown of all persons, blind-sight experiments in physics, world-change technology. He wrote four books: Encounter with Chaos (1992), Endophysics: The world As an Interface (1992), Jonas World – The Thinking of Child (1994, in German), and The Flaming Sword (1996 in German), as well as the CD Descartes’ Traum (in German).

Professor Dr. Otto E. Roessler warns that the scientific community claims the success of the experiment may result in the black hole destroying the planet within 50 million years [reducing the remaining life expectancy of Earth by 99%]. His own calculations indicate that this time frame may in fact be closer to 50 months.

Albert Einstein’s Relativity theory was initially rejected by academic community, he was only a graduate student at the time… what could he know! Now scientists at CERN are telling us not to worry, because they theorize that Relativity was wrong when it comes to the safety of mirco black holes, even as that theory is disputed, and even as they send me emails telling me that they do not assume that micro black holes will evaporate. Still CERN tells the public that Einstein must have made a mistake about black holes, all will be well, no chance of risk. wrote:Contrary to what you say, we are not working under teh assumption that BHs decay. It is obvious that under that assumption there is no risk. We are in fact working under the assumption that they are stable (even though this is not the way we believe BHs behave), and are analyzing what this implies, both by studying their accretion process within the earth, and by studying their impact on astronomical objects. While it is true that a BH produced by cosmic rays would not be stopped by the Earth, there are many other “things” in the universe that could trap such CR-produced BH’s, thus leading to visible consequences. This study is being completed, and will soon be documented in a report.

Unfortunately, many of the top scientists in the field of particle physics are employed by CERN, and according to the legal complaint, are under direction from CERN not to express any personal fears they might have from operation of the Large Hadron Collider, and to affirm in all interviews that there is no risk. In effect, those particle physicist employed directly or indirectly by CERN who may have personal fears may be required to become “whistle blowers” in order to have there opinions known.

To Alpha: Are you employed by CERN directly or indirectly?

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  1. TJunker says:


    about famous Cosmo Theorist Raj Baldev, author of the outstanding book ‘TWO BIG BANGS’, there seems to be an ongoing confusion. It’s a mere coincidence that he has the same name as the current director of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, but actually they are two different persons.

    Please check here for more details and links:

    Best regards, and keep up the bold fight,

  2. JTankers says:

    The safety quote is attributed to “Cosmo Theorist and Author”, no mention in this article of him also being the same Dr. Raj Baldev who is Director of the Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research. Further research appears to indicate two separate scientists both named Dr. Raj Baldev.

    What is confirmed is below…

    “ … the scientists are fully aware that it is not a project without a grave risk to the life of the Earth.”
    Dr. Raj Baldev [1] [2]

  3. LF1975 says:

    At The Large Hadron Collider by Bogdan Anonymous said…

    [Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler’s] idea is that when a MBH accretes a charged particle, say electron, this will not go straight into the MBH, but will circulate around the MBH for a while, and by doing this, a magnetic field will be created which will attract positive and negative charged particles, each at the opposite poles of the MBH, thus accelerating the accretion rate.

  4. JTankers says:

    Dr. Rossler has appointment with CERN scientists July 4th 2008.

    Grösstes Verbrechen der Menschheit

    (Translation from German: Largest crimes of humanity)

  5. Teresa Tutt says:

    JTanker, Please remove my name and quote from your blog

    The quote you placed on your LHCfacts blog istaken from a post that I made on

    It was a fragment taken out of context and used without my permission.

    I do not work for Texas A&M University, nor do I speak officially for the university, nor does my post reflect any opinions or official positions of the university.

    My Doctoral Degree was earned from Texas A&M in Nuclear Engineering. Nothing further should be implied from that fact.

    Also you posted a link to USRA where I worked for six months as a Post doctoral researcher. That link should be removed as well, as they have nothing to do with my post

    Please remove my quote at your earliest convenience


    Teresa E Tutt, PhD

  6. JTankers says:

    The following comment taken out of context has been removed:

    Teresa E Tutt, Ph.D, Nuclear Engineering Texas A&M University

    “… put a stop to this insanity.”


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